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Our global experiences with the treatment of COVID-19 with hydroxchloroquine is evolving every day.  We are endeavouring to bring you the latest updates for you to view.

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Dr Pierre Kory Talks Ivermectin Success – Benefits Ricochet Around the World

If you were going to try and design a drug, for the disease that we call COVID-19, you would want something with heavy anti-viral properties, as well as anti-inflammatory properties.

When you think about that, it’s hard to come up with a better drug for Covid than ivermectin. It literally does both of those things simultaneously, and it’s one of the safest drugs known to man.

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The International Ivermectin for Covid Conference​: Medical ethics and ivermectin

As Head of the Department of Medical Ethics and Law, Medical Faculty, University of Maribor, Slovenia, Prof. Matjaž Zwitter presents current ethical issues around ivermectin for covid-19. His two papers on ivermectin for Covid-19, as published in Slovenian medical journal Isis and in leading newspaper Delo stirred a vivid debate among medical and lay community, hopefully leading to a change in current medical practice.

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