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In the second part of our interview with the esteemed Professor Thomas Borody from Australia, we discuss the question of ethical clinical trials, the progress in Australia with the Ivermectin-based tri-therapy he recommends for COVID-19, the role of State and federal authories.

The interview also includes a message to Canada and other countries that deny early treatment to the population and the critical importance of the doctor patient relationship and the right for medical doctors to prescribe off-label.

It’s important to realize that Professor Borody’s stance is contrary to the mainstream when it comes to therapeutics for COVID-19.

Instead of telling people to go home and wait, when they are infected with the virus, his message is to get early treatment, to prevent the development of the disease.

It’s a similar approach, yet with different drugs, to what has been recommended since March by Dr Vladimir Zelenko, Professor Didier Raoult and others.

Another aspect of his message that differs from many other researchers is that he insists randomized trials are not the gospel and should actually be implemented only in very specific conditions, which are typically not met for COVID-19.

Professor Borody Talks about Early Treatment of COVID-19 – Part 1 – September 2020

Ivermectin. It’s as Aussie as Vegemite. The path out of the pandemic is under our noses.

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Multifaceted highly targeted sequential multidrug treatment of early ambulatory high-risk COVID-19 infection includes HCQ & Ivermectin

UK: Dr Tess Lawrie speaks about ivermectin and the authorities

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