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I hear these discussions at times, that ‘I should listen to the science – I’m spreading conspiracy theories, and I’m spreading all this misinformation’.

The people that are spreading the misinformation are the ones accusing me of doing so. The facts are… the evidence, the science, is absolutely overwhelming when it comes to treatments like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.

But don’t take Craig Kelly’s word for it, listen to our most highly credentialed immunologist in this country, Professor Robert Clancy. He has said that ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine should be used in concert with the vaccines. He said the science has moved on. He said this is the only scientific option available.

This is someone… the most highest credentialed immunologist in this country and it’s not only Emeritus Professor Robert Clancy saying this, I could take you all around the world – Professor Eli Schwartz out of Israel, that says ivermectin is highly effective. You’ve got Professor Paul Mereck, out of the USA, Professor Dolores Cahill out of the UK. Go down to South America, Professors Risch and also Professor Carvallo. They are all saying these treatments are highly effective, and they’re not just guessing it, this is all based on data. It’s based on peer-reviewed science and peer reviewed studies, where they’ve showed overwhelmingly, that this is effective.

Now, those people saying that I’m spreading misinformation, I just tell them, go and read the science, read some of those peer-reviewed studies, and if you’ve got time to read one paper, read the paper out of South America – written by Professor Hector Carvallo.

What that professor did – he did a trial of ivermectin across 4 hospitals in Argentina. He divided the doctors and the nurses and the orderlies, working across 4 hospitals, up into two groups. One group was 412 people that he didn’t give ivermectin to, the other group was 788 people that he did treat with ivermectin, to see if they wouldn’t actually catch the coronavirus.

The group that didn’t take the ivermectin, over 3 months it was fifty-eight percent. Fifty-eight percent of those doctors, nurses and orderlies contracted coronavirus.

In the 788 group, the same doctors, nurses and orderlies across the 4 hospitals, the number of infections that they had, was zero. ZERO, that were treated with ivermectin.

Now, that study was a one-off and people might want to pick holes in it, but it’s been repeated in hospitals in India, in hospitals in Bangladesh, in hospitals in Egypt.

Almost exactly the same results come up. So the evidence and the science is overwhelming. And this is where I get very upset with a group that I believe are the true villains in this space. It is a group called the National Covid Evidence Taskforce. Because they are the ones advising the TGA, they are advising the State Health Ministers, they are advising the Health Minister and the Prime Minister of this country.

Now that’s the task they’ve been given – to review the evidence and to make the recommendations. Now they recommend currently against the use of hydroxychloroquine, and against the use of ivermectin. But when you go to their website, and you dig down for the reasons why, they say, we recommend against ivermectin because we looked at seven (7) studies.

The problem is, there’s currently 44 published studies in the medical literature. And this group have only looked at seven! It’s simply not good enough. They are not looking at the evidence. So when they’re questioned and they say, is there any evidence of ivermectin is effective, they say, no, there’s no evidence. Because they’re not looking at the darn evidence.

This group need to be called out, and this has been one of the greatest failures of the Australian media, especially the ABC; that should be their job, to do proper investigative journalism – to look at the data, look at the recommendations, and hold these government agencies to account. It’s currently not being done. That’s why the bad advice is flowing through all the way up to the Prime Minister.

And that’s sadly, one of the reasons I have to take the action that I’m doing – to stand as an Independent, so I can call these people out, without fear or favour.

Now, this leads us into the issue of censorship. I can’t get a debate on the mainstream media. I’ve said that I’ll debate anyone, anywhere at any time. I said you bring along your experts, and I’ll bring along mine, and we’ll have a debate. No one wants to debate these points. In fact they want to do the opposite, they want to censor it.

So my own Facebook page has been censored, and the reason I was censored, is because I copied and pasted an article from the Spectator magazine, written… a highly credible magazine.. about what every newsstand in this country… written by a highly respectable journalist that talked about Professor Borody and what Professor Borody had said.

Professor Borody is one of Australia’s most famous medical professors. And he was recommending ivermectin. Simply by copying and pasting that article, Facebook said, oh, this breaches our community standards. And he needs to be shut down.

We’ve seen this censorship on YouTube, of the US Senate. If you haven’t seen it, there’s a magnificent video that was done by Senator Johnson, through his committee, his Home Affairs committee, that he did. He had Doctor Pierre Kory, and a lot of other doctors talking about early treatment of Covid.

Doctor Pierre Kory works on the front lines, in intensive care centres. He has been dealing with patients, Covid patients, very sick Covid patients every single day since the start of this pandemic. You would think someone like Doctor Kory is someone that the world should listen to. But yet, he was censored, not only just his own talk, but testimony he was giving under oath before the US Senate.

That was censored by Big Tech.

This is a very dark period in the history of the world. Those that censor free speech have always been on the bad side of history, have always been on the dark side of history. And where we are seeing Big Tech censoring debate is completely contrary to every single principle that I believe that we stood up and fought for in Australia.

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