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The case of Portugal is emblematic of the criminal misguidance of the European authorities in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, but also of the salutary results that field doctors can obtain when they act in accordance with their convictions.

Take a good look below at the curve of deaths officially recorded due to Covid since the start of the pandemic in this country.

  • A first seasonal wave (March-April) 2020 rather well negotiated, to the point of placing Portugal among the most effective in the treatment of the disease;
  • then, after the general calm of the summer, a murderous seasonal return in October-November, to the point of transforming Portugal into a real sanitary dunce in the European area;
  • finally, the miracle turnaround of February-March 2021 with an impressive drop in the death curve due to Covid.

The ravages of the fraudulent Lancet article against hydroxychloroquine

What happened ? Well it’s very simple:

  • until the end of May 2020, Portuguese doctors overwhelmingly prescribed hydroxychloroquine to their patients from the onset of symptoms; the authorities did not approve more than that, but let it happen;
  • after the fraudulent Lancet article on May 22, 2020, the Portuguese authorities decided to ban the prescription of hydroxychloroquine ; so that when the virus and its mutants returned to the charge in October-November, without an antiviral barrier in front of them, it was a massacre;
  • but the Portuguese doctors reacted: since the prescription of hydroxychloroquine was forbidden to them, they fell back on ivermectin and administered it more and more massively; the effect of course is not immediately seen on the death curve – there is a delay between the declaration of the disease and its fatal outcome – but here is the result today:

Do you want us to compare the evolution of this curve with that of a neighboring country, but kind of narrow-minded and sick in its head, France for example? (Note that the scale of the number of deaths shown to the left of the graphs differs between the two countries.)


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