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Clive Palmer has purchased 32,900,000 doses of hydroxychloroquine, and donated the supply to the National Medical Stockpile.

The controversial businessman believes the much-hyped malaria drug is the “best hope” for those suffering COVID-19.

“In Australia, 6,000 doctors have had it prescribed to themselves and doctors surveyed throughout the world say it’s the most effective treatment,” Palmer claimed on Sunrise.

“A vaccine may take many years to develop and Australia has to be ready to provide the best treatment for its citizens should the worst occur.”

“I wanted to make sure that if the government wanted to allow it, we would have the material.”

The treatment, which has been touted by US President Donald Trump, has been the subject of fierce debate in the medical community.

There are clinical trials underway in Australia to test the safety and effectiveness of the drug, according to the Health Minister Greg Hunt.

“I’ve done this for Australians – it’s my money, I took the risk,” Mr Palmer said of his donation.

“If it doesn’t work out then all that’s happened is Clive’s lost a bit of money.”

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