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Community Memorial Health Chief with COVID treated early at home with hydroxychloroquine

The suggested treatment protocol ideally begins when someone first tests positive for COVID-19. Patients are started on a daily “nutraceutical bundle” of zinc sulfate (220 mg), Vitamin D (5000 IU), Vitamin C (3000 mg), and a flavonoid called quercetin (500 mg), found in several fruits and vegetables, which reduces viral replication. All are available over the counter.
For those 50 years or older with one or more comorbidities, an intravenous infusion of monoclonal antibodies is suggested. In addition, the patient is immediately started on an array of anti-infective agents, which includes hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, azithromycin, doxycycline, and favipiravir. Some patients are started on a steroid like prednisone, and some are given an anticoagulant.

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How Many Americans Has the American Medical Establishment Killed?

I am specifically referring to hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. These drugs (along with zinc), which are as safe as any medicines humanity has taken in the last half-century, should have been almost universally used to treat COVID-19 patients as soon as those patients showed symptoms or tested positive — and even as a prophylactic to prevent or minimize the effects of the illness in the first place. If they had been, it is likely that tens, maybe hundreds, of thousands of those who died of the virus would have lived. Given how safe hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin are, what could we have possibly lost by allowing millions of people to take these medicines?

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About The Foundation

Clive-Palmer_res (9)

The Palmer Foundation is the philanthropic entity owned by the Palmer family, headed by Clive Palmer. 

The Palmer Foundation is a private entity that engages in charitable projects that enable better welfare of others, and society as a whole. 

The foundations most recent endeavour revolves around the response to, and action on the COVID-19 Virus pandemic for the treatment of all Australians in need.

Click here to get the background on The Palmer Foundations COVID-19 Response.


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Facebook Suspends Craig Kelly For Posts Citing Medical Professionals

“The effect of censoring debate on these early treatments could have possibly been responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands of people.
So, where we should have been having more open debate and more free debate, shutting down debate is likely to have killed people. Not just one or two people, but probably hundreds of thousands. This is why throughout the last 250 years people have said free speech is so important. This is why people have said, ‘I may not agree with what you say but I’ll fight to my death your right to say it.’”

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