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A cure that works, which has saved many lives, but which is not recognized by official protocols. It’s battle over hydroxychloroquine. A difficult name to pronounce, but which is at the center of an international battle, with more and more doctors, including many Italians, convinced of the goodness of its use, and dozens of people who use it “clandestinely” to treat Covid already in the phase initial, at home. 

In Italy, the oncologist and professor Luigi Cavanna leads the front, who has followed hundreds of Covid patients, treating them with this drug at their home. Since May, however, hydroxychloroquine can no longer be suggested or administered.

Tomorrow, December 10, the Council of State will comment on the complaint presented by some doctors who ask for the green light to the drug and to be able to prescribe it.

Hydroxychloroquine has been used for 50 years to treat malaria and some autoimmune diseases. Due to its immunomudulatory, anti thrombotic and anti viral properties it has also been used to counteract some important infections, from HIV to Eblla, from Sars to Mers. It is cheap.

During the first wave of Sars-Cov-2, hydroxychloroquine appeared in the guidelines of Western countries affected by the infection to treat the sick, both in hospital and at home.

In May, however, a study came out in the scientific journal Lancet stating that hydroxychloroquine had been the cause of an increased number of deaths. The study was later denied by data checks. However, since then, hydroxychloroquine has been discontinued. All this despite the studies and publications that prove its effectiveness are different. 

Cavanna claims to have followed about 300 Covid patients with this drug: “Of these, less than 5% were hospitalized and none died” . Collecting the data from several Italian hospitals, a 33% reduction in mortality for those using that drug emerged. 

In July 13 Italian regions asked to be able to use hydroxychloroquine in home treatments. Aifa, the Italian Medicines Agency, continues to be against it.

Between courses and appeals, a sentence of the Council of State is expected for 10 December. 

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