Source: Craig Kelly MP

“My ’90 second’ speech today:”

“Following an extraordinary US Senate Committee hearing overnight, especially the impassioned plea of Associate Professor Dr Pierre Kory, I again call on our National Covid Clinical Evidence Taskforce to look at the evidence, and immediately – not next week or after Christmas – immediately reverse their recommendations against the use of both Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine.

“In this testimony last night Dr Kory said, “I’ve cared for more dying Covid patients than anyone can imagine ….. early treatment is key.

(But) “Everything has been about novel and/or expensive pharmaceutical engineered drugs …… there’s not been a focus on re-purposed drugs.” “We have a solution to this crisis, with this drug (Ivermectin) that is proving to be miraculous….. it basically obliterates transmissions of Covid.”

”This is a scientific recommendation, based on a mountain of evidence from around the world.” ”The amount of evidence that Ivermectin is life-saving and protective, is so immense, and the drug is so safe (3.6 million doses over 40 years) … it must be instituted and implemented now.” ”Any further deaths are needless deaths”

“So again, I call on our National Covid Clinical Evidence Taskforce to look at the evidence – and reverse their recommendation against Ivermectin to treat Covid.

“NB : And to Dr. Kory : I heard the emotion in your voice when you said “I can’t keep doing this” – meaning you can’t keep watching people die because Health Bureaucrats won’t listen to you and vested interests are trying to silence you. Just know that there are millions of people cheering you on, and that are standing with you, giving us all hope that these evil bastards denying treatment to sick people will eventually be held to account.

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