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The III Section of the Council of State accepted, as a precautionary measure, the appeal of a group of general practitioners and suspended AIFA’s note of 22 July last which prohibited off-label prescription (i.e. for a use not provided for in the leaflet) hydroxychloroquine for the fight against Covid.

“The continuing uncertainty about the therapeutic efficacy of hydroxychloroquine, admitted by the AIFA itself to justify further evaluation in randomized clinical trials – reads the ordinance – is not sufficient legal reason to justify the unreasonable suspension of its use on the national territory “. 

“A right opportunity for treatment has been returned to the Italians, taking into account the evidence of the territories. We are really satisfied”. The lawyer Erich Grimaldi, who promoted and supported the petition of a group of doctors against the suspension of the use of hydroxychloroquine in home care protocols for Covid, comments on today’s decision of the State Council.

“From today, the prescription of the drug is allowed – continues Grimaldi – under the precise responsibility of the doctor and under his strict control, to patients suffering from Covid in the initial phase of the disease. This means respecting the medical profession, exercised in science and conscience, as we have always supported “.

Since March, the lawyer Grimaldi has collected the experience of doctors from various Italian regions who had successfully used the drug. Among these the professor Luigi Cavanna from Piacenza, the doctor Paola Varese of Ovada (Alessandr9a), the doctor Luigi Garavelli of Novara, the doctor Riccardo Szumski of Treviso and the doctor Andrea Mangiagalli of Milan.

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A massive hydroxychloroquine meta-analysis (156 studies) has just been updated (version 28!).It says that HCQ works beyond all statistical doubt.

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A Guide to Home-Based COVID Treatment -A Step-By-Step Doctors’ Plan That Could Save Your Life

Peer-reviewed hydroxychloroquine study finds 84% fewer hospitalizations among early treated outpatients

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