Source: Spectator Australia Author: Rebecca Weisser

When Adriana Midori Takara died last weekend just a fortnight after testing positive for Covid, there was an understandable clamour. She was not only the youngest woman ever to die of Covid in Australia, she was slim and healthy with no underlying co-morbidities.

Allegations emerged quickly that there was more to the story. Friends in the Brazilian community said that she had received her first jab just before she tested positive. Yet when a journalist told NSW chief health officer Kerry Chant that ‘Some people close to her are suggesting she had at least one dose of the vaccine,’ Chant replied that she’d have to check but she’d been advised that Adriana did not have any underlying health issues. It was an odd comment because Chant should be briefed on the vaccine status of every Covid victim since it is the first question that every journalist wants answered. Yet days later Chant has yet to confirm or deny Adriana’s vaccine status. It floats in the air like a spectral phantom.

We know only too well how the government would respond if this woman’s death were due to vaccine injury. After all, two young Australians died last week confirmed victims of the AstraZeneca vaccine. Both were only a few years older than Adriana, a 44-year-old man from Tasmania and a 48-year-old woman from Victoria, yet we don’t even know their names.  Their smiling faces and grieving families are not splashed over the papers. There is no prime-time TV coverage to reflect on their young lives cut short. We all know why. Adriana has become fodder in the campaign to pressure the young to get vaccinated whereas vaccine deaths are hardly a recruiting tool.

Yet the shocking truth is that Adriana died not because she was unable to get a Pfizer vaccine if that is indeed what happened – Sydney is awash with AstraZeneca – she died because she was unable to access the life-saving early treatment that her family desperately sought to provide.

When she tested positive her father contacted Dr Peter McCullough, an outstanding specialist in internal medicine, a cardiologist and one of the world’s leading advocates of early treatment for Covid. McCullough published the first protocol for the early treatment of Covid in August 2020 in the peer-reviewed American Journal of Medicine, which he updated in February 2021. He and Australia’s Professor Thomas Borody, the pioneer of ivermectin triple therapy treatment and prophylaxis, work closely, Borody treating McCullough when he caught Covid. They both stress the primacy of commencing treatment at diagnosis and that no single drug can treat a hydra-headed pathogen such as Covid.

McCullough contacted the Covid Medical Network who are set up to provide this therapy to every person in Australia who tests positive. One of the doctors was appointed by the family but by then it was too late. Adriana had been hospitalised and could not have been saved even if her doctor had been allowed to treat, which he was not, disregarding the wishes of her next-of-kin. Yet her doctor is adamant that had she received treatment at diagnosis, she would be alive today.

The bitter reality is that despite the fact that what they do is legal, the Covid Medical Network operate like a resistance movement transporting life-saving drugs behind enemy lines. Why? Because the medical establishment perceives any focus on anything other than vaccines as tantamount to treason.

This is absurd. Prophylaxis, treatment and safe and effective vaccines are equally important arms of a successful response to a pandemic. Indeed, the current crop of vaccines are demonstrating in Israel, the US and the UK that they are unable to prevent transmission.

In the face of this failure, Borody’s ivermectin triple therapy prophylactic is the perfect solution. It reduces transmission immediately, regardless of the variant, by preventing the virus from entering a person’s cells. It also shortens time spent in quarantine and reduces transmission to close contacts. Early treatment dramatically reduces hospitalisation and mortality and would rapidly end the Sydney wave, as similar therapies did in Mexico and India. It would also put an end to any need for masks and lockdowns.

Yet instead of embracing this win-all solution, the medical establishment doubles down on its one-eyed solution even as new data shows that fully vaccinated individuals are catching the virus, carrying higher viral loads and acting as super-spreaders. Instead, they blame the Delta variant which they claim is more deadly even though the data from Public Health England is clear that the opposite is true. It shows that in the UK, deaths for the under-50s dropped from 0.1 per cent (about the same as for flu) with the Alpha variant to 0 or statistically insignificant. And this isn’t due to vaccination. Amongst the unvaccinated, deaths were less than 0.03 per cent and with about 46 overnight hospital admissions a week.

At the same time vaccine injuries and deaths in the under-50s are mounting. According to official UK government data, there have already been 180 people under 50 who developed thrombosis with thrombocytopenia (TTS) after the AstraZeneca shot and 29 who died as well as 463 reports of myocarditis and pericarditis, mostly in the young. Yet this is only a handful of the more than a million adverse reports including nearly 1,500 deaths.

It is the same story in Australia writ small. According to official Australian government data there have been 11 deaths from Covid this year, fewer than 5,000 cases, and 203 people currently in hospital. On the other side of the ledger there have been 41,406 adverse events reported following vaccines since February, 87 cases of TTS and 399 deaths reported in the recently vaccinated of which six were definitely caused by the vaccine. As for the rest, the only thing that is certain is that the vaccines are the leading cause of coincidences.

Worse, Australia this month approved the Pfizer vaccine for children and Chant says they need to be vaccinated before we can open up with a priority placed on Year 12 students.

In the face of a vaccine that every day seems less effective and less safe, this is madness. The young are expected to potentially lay down their lives and die an uncelebrated death for a failing vaccine against an illness that is less dangerous for them than the flu. Perhaps a monument will one day be erected to the unknown soldiers in a battle that should never have been waged between vaccines and treatment.

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