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RUSH: The Minnesota governor, Tim Walz — who is a Democrat — has come out in support; he’s reversed the ban on hydroxychloroquine. He did it very quietly. So you gotta ask yourself, why? ‘Cause this is something that a lot of people have known is effective for a long, long time, but the Democrat Party has been resisting its usage because that would benefit Trump.

They need to continue to portray Trump as some kind of off-the-wall, genuine wacko nutcase who believes in and sponsors conspiracy theories. So they’ve invested a lot in the idea that Trump somehow would personally benefit from hydroxychloroquine, that it could kill you, that Trump doesn’t care, and so forth, and now here comes the Minnesota governor reversing the ban on it. Could it be…?

I’m just asking. Could it be that even a Democrat just couldn’t continue to deny his citizens a relatively cheap therapeutic that he has been convinced works? Now, there are a lot of people who believe that hydroxychloroquine has been effective against the China virus for a long time, that it is proven, that it is effective, that it should be over-the-counter; it should be in every single medicine chest in the world.

It should be in your shaving kit, should be in your dopp kit, whatever. So this Democrat governor comes along (he’s a first-term Democrat) and clears the way now in Minnesota for doctors to prescribe hydroxychloroquine. It’s still… It says here, “It’s unclear if it was this [particular] research that prompted Walz to reverse his March ruling, which ordered the Board of Pharmacists to instruct pharmacists to not issue hydroxychloroquine prescriptions unless the diagnosis was ‘appropriate’ — which halted any off-label prescription requests.”

“Now, the reason that it is unclear is that Walz has been mum on why he rescinded the order. There’s been no announcement of new stories. Local lawmakers told me that they had no idea he had reversed course.” The story writer is Jon Miltimore from the Foundation for Economic Education. The guy did it quietly, didn’t want anybody to know it. Wonder why.

‘Cause this is a major reversal in the face of the official position of the Democrat Party is why.

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