Censorship overreach as Facebook permanently de-platforms MP Craig Kelly for citing peer-reviewed hydroxychloroquine & ivermectin studies showing benefit.

Source: 2GB


Independent Federal MP Craig Kelly has hit back at Facebook after it permanently deleted his official page.

Mr Kelly has accused Facebook of “slander and smear”.

“This is the electronic version of book burning where they simply don’t like what I say,” he told Ben Fordham.

“They act as bullies and thugs, as though they are above the law.”

Mr Kelly said he averaged one million interactions each month, in what he believes is “probably the highest among federal politicians”.

“Facebook are a foreign entity … but they act as though they’re above the law. That’s completely unacceptable,” Mr Kelly said.

“Here you’ve got a group that wants to silence an elected Australian official. It’s completely unacceptable that we have such censorship in our society.”

“You cannot have a group with market dominance censoring political opinions in the country,” he said.

“Someone has got to stand up to these bullies and thugs.

“Everyone should be outraged that a foreign entity can do this.”

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