Source: Sky News: Alan Jones

Liberal MP Craig Kelly says studies have shown a 73 per cent reduction rate in mortality where Hydroxychloroquine was dispensed to COVID infected patients, yet Australian health bureaucrats continue to deny the evidence.

Mr Kelly said on Thursday an Italian peer-reviewed study showed a 73 per cent reduction of mortality where Hydroxychloroquine was administered. A further study from Saudi Arabia produced the same figure – Hydroxychloroquine caused a 73 per cent reduction in death from COVID.

He told Sky News host Alan Jones early in the coronavirus pandemic period, doctors were free to prescribe Hydroxychloroquine to patients for off label use. “It’s a drug that is lawful for doctors to use,” Mr Kelly said. “We’ve got health bureaucrats in this country who think they know better than thousands upon thousands of doctors all around the world, and have banned this.”

He said despite studies showing incredible results from this previously legal drug, the Queensland chief health officer “has not only (made) it illegal, but put a six months criminal penalty if a doctor prescribes it or if a chemist would dispense it to a Queenslander”.

“We’re talking about people’s lives here … a 73 per cent reduction, and we’re getting study after study after study after study, all showing the same result, but we’ve got our health bureaucrats digging in because they’re afraid to say ‘hang on a minute, we’ve made a mistake’. “They deny the evidence that continues to roll in day after day.”

Craig Kelly MP

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