Source:Sky News Australia

Liberal MP Craig Kelly reports that there has been study after study that shows that Hydroxychloroquine, when administered early, can “lower the rates of infections” of COVID-19.

He said there are state medical bureaucrats who have “interfered with the doctor-patient relationship”. “In an unprecedented step, they’ve ruled that doctors cannot prescribe this”.

Hydroxychloroquine has had many studies displaying efficacy as a potential treatment to COVID-19, however, it has been criminalised in some Australian states.

“So if we have a doctor in Queensland that thinks ‘I can save one of my patient’s lives with Hydroxychloroquine,’ and I’ve looked at all the studies, if they did, they could go to jail under the laws in Queensland,” Mr Kelly told Sky News host Alan Jones.

Mr Kelly said “this goes back to when President Trump said he thought this drug would work”. “There’s been many people that went out to prove he was wrong”.

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