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California physician Brian Tyson successfully treated thousands of patients with hydroxychloroquine in his clinic. In the studio of One America News , he said he has now cured nearly 5,000 patients. Two patients died and six had to go to hospital. The doctor also warned that an experimental vaccine puts people at risk unnecessarily.

“Early treatment is key,” explained Dr. Tyson. It doesn’t matter how old people are. If we treat them early on, their condition will improve, he said.

The big problem, he says, is that people do not recognize that the treatment is working. Lives are thus endangered. “They don’t listen to what we say. They listen to people who are not caring for patients. “

1,500 deaths

We don’t need a vaccine against corona, Dr. Tyson stressed. He noted that there have been 1,500 reports of deaths related to the corona vaccine at VAERS, the US counterpart of Lareb. He said the corona vaccines have already caused more cases of side effects than all the other vaccines put together.

Tyson pointed out that people who die from the vaccine live an average of 79 years old. “So it’s probably not a good idea to give it to high-risk patients,” he said. The benefits don’t outweigh the risks.

For Dr. Tyson, many other doctors and patients, hydroxychloroquine is still the best solution.

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