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Rich Yanuzzi went to Florida as he always does. Soon after, his brother contracts Covid-19 and is very ill. A day later, his mother gets a worse case. They get his mom to the hospital at 6pm. By 7.30pm they doctors told him that she really didn’t have a good chance of making it through the night. When they took xrays of her lungs, the doctors said she had about 20% chance of making it through the night. Her lungs showed significant impact from the virus. Rich’s sister-in-law transported her to the hospital, and could not go in; she had to leave Mom there. She said it was the saddest thing because Rich’s mom was disoriented and didn’t know why she was being left there. At nearly 94, it was very sad.

Back to Rich’s brother. He had been treated with hydroxychloroquine, so they understood it’s importance, but Rich is trying to manage all this from a distance in Florida. Talking to the doctors, Rich said, “We’ve just been through this with my brother, we know hydroxychloroquine works. Not only do we know the drug works, we also know that the tests take 4-5 days to come back. My mother doesn’t have 4-5 days. I need her to get that drug now.

The doctor replied, “Well, you know there are some side effects with the drug.” Rich said, “We understand that. My brother is taking it. I want my mother to have this drug now. We’ll waive all liability.”

The doctor was wonderful. She said, ” We’ll give your mother the drug. I’m prescribing it right now.” About 2 in the morning, his mom received the drug. By the morning, she wasn’t feeling well, but she was breathing well and she was on her way to recovery. That afternoon, the nurses said it was remarkable, she was able to sit up in bed, the oxygen she was on was very light, and her lungs were on their way to clearing up.

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