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We know, from the testimony of patients and doctors, in much of Brazil, that the treatment of covid in initial phase has been successful.

Dr. Raissa Soares

Porto Seguro, on the south coast of Bahia, received a load of 40,000 doses of hydroxychloroquine this Friday morning (3). The medicine was sent at the request of Jair Bolsonaro.

On social networks, the President of the Republic reported that he sent the doses after the measurement of a Bahian doctor. 

“I never received so many videos on the phone. They saw Dr. Raissa Soares appealing to me for hydroxychloroquine to arrive in your city. I didn’t. We know, from the testimony of patients and doctors, in much of Brazil, that the treatment of covid in initial phase has been successful. She made the call to us, I called Pazuello, he signed on Wednesday and today he left the plane from São Paulo to Salvador. It is scheduled to arrive Friday, around 8 am, 40 thousand doses of hydroxychloroquine in Porto Seguro” said Bolsonaro, during a live held on social networks, citing General Eduardo Pazuello, Minister of Health.

The medicines were delivered to the doctor herself, who informed that the doses will be distributed among health units in Porto Seguro and cities in the region, such as Itapetinga, Itabela, Eunápolis and Itamaraju.

“This medication is for Porto Seguro, but also for other locations. I will talk to the Municipal Health Department so that these doses are distributed throughout the region, so that no one needs to travel to Porto Seguro to be treated,” said the health professional. health thank you video recorded for Bolsonaro.

“I, alone, talked to my husband that I would record a video for the president, because we were in need of the medicine and we were not getting it,” she added.

CORREIO contacted the Porto Seguro City Hall, which, through its communication advisory, informed that the medicines will be sent to the 30 health units, in addition to three Emergency Care Units, and to the Luiz Eduardo Magalhães Regional Hospital. “In principle, the drugs are to serve Porto Seguro, without a commitment to distribute the doses to other cities. The drugs will be delivered to local units according to the demand of each one,” informed the press office.


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