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Mister President,

Please allow me to add my voice, not to the concert of invective triggered by your decisions of October 28 , but to the marginal choir which still strives to appeal to your capacities for analysis, social benevolence and self-protection. . When a Minister of Health rushes into the National Assembly, ordering “Get out of here! »To the deputies who do not share his views, it is up to you, it seems to me, to restore the rules of the democratic game.

You will not be surprised that my first request, as an author and reader, concerns bookstores, classified as “non-essential businesses”by your technocrats – who undoubtedly consider themselves essential. Are book shelves really more dangerous for the consumer than cheese and cosmetic departments? Isn’t it “essential” to save our culture, its diversity, the social bond it ensures, the bulwark that it constitutes against illiteracy and the single thought that make the bed of murderous fanaticisms? 

If you persist in prohibiting the sale of books in a human environment, are you aware that you are sentencing to death a large part of French bookstores, bloodless from the first confinement? Now, how could novice novelists, disturbing essayists, and even the big pens not survive without their support? not having the chance to represent a market value for the platforms of the online distribution? 

As Florence Kammermann, “bookseller on duty” atCannes , where she decided, despite her “non-essential” administrative qualification, to resist the closure order: “By reducing access to our culture a crack will stretch: the threat of losing our precious freedom of expression. Originally from Lebanon , I was able to measure how fundamentalists rush into the flaws they find. “

Mr President, in the interest of the country and of the democracy of which you are the guarantor, we ask you to reverse the process in order to move forward better. Don’t wait until it’s too late, otherwise the “third wave” will be a popular tsunami that will blow you away. What will you do with the many bookstores caught by the throat who have decided to refuse prohibition, with the support of their mayors and the myriads of authors who, like me, are ready to go chained themselves to the gates behind? which one pretends to lock up the culture until death ensues? Send the army? Imprison dissidents? Burn the books?

You who, at the start of the epidemic, set a good example by going to the theater to show that cultural life must continue at all costs, make sure, at a time when theaters are prohibited , that the living places of literature, bookstores and libraries, be once again accessible with obvious respect for sanitary rules – even the most coveted bestseller has never caused a rush comparable to the sales in department stores.

Let us live, let France breathe

So reopen all the bookstores that wish, instead of closing Fnac’s book shelves for “fairness” reasons – what an unworthy provocation! Give up killing the small traders who know better than others how to watch over the health of their customers, and urgently relax this medieval re-containment of which you wisely rejected the fatal hypothesis, a few days before imposing it on us. 

Anger is mounting on all sides; know how to hear it and respond to it urgently, instead of waiting to be forced to suppress it. To prevent barrier gestures from being reduced to the mobile barriers of the CRS, please let us live. 

Let France breathe who, as a precautionary principle, is suffocating under his mask. Stop suffocating it with each of your televised appearances, stop instilling, in a tone of paternalistic compassion, the obligatory fear and the duty of submission. Stop justifying arbitrariness with excessive numbers, inflated statistics or downright fanciful projections. 

No, people positive for PCR tests should not be counted as Covid patients, all doctors repeat: these tests only amplify the traces of the virus, whether it is alive or not. No, patients who, for example, die of leukemia with a suspicion of Covid do not have to be classified automatically among the deceased of Covid. And where do these “400,000 deaths” come from?that you promised us on October 28 in case of non-re-containment? Is this a rehash of the 500,000 deaths predicted in France, during the “first wave”, by the mathematical model of Imperial College London, on the basis of which so many rulers have condemned their subjects to months of imprisonment? home ? 

The author of this prophecy, the extralucent epidemiologist Neil Ferguson, will be passed on to posterity for having guaranteed, by June 2020, 100,000 deaths to Sweden if it persisted in its refusal to confine – it is, on the 30th. October, at 5,938. This is already too much, no need to add more. Since then, the Nostradamusstatistics had to resign from his post – less because of his bogus predictions than for violating the confinement he inspired, by bringing his mistress home several times. Let’s move on. “400,000 dead,” jumped the intensive care anesthesiologist Louis Fouché, “that does not correspond to anything, to any scientific study! 

Nothing seems to justify this insane figure, except a teleprompter error or the need to panic the crowds so that they agree to give up their freedoms.

Just give us permission to heal ourselves

Speaking on behalf of the collective “Doctors and caregivers for a fair, enlightened and proportionate health policy”, Dr. Fouché adds: “The French do not need to be punished, nor monitored, nor re-defined, nor re-educated. He could also have said: “neither incriminated”. Mr. President, please do not add to the horror of Islamist terrorism the threat of invisible terrorism lurking within all of us. Do not let us become in our eyes the resigned victims or the potential culprits of a Covid Akbar which, destroying our organism, would spring from our postilions to attack the lives of others. And, instead of making us fill up ad vitam aeternam non-conforming travel authorizations, just give us permission to treat ourselves.

Because the remedy exists. The treatment developed by Prof. Raoult (hydroxychloroquine / azithromycin) has already saved so many people – I know what I’m talking about. Even if, complying with the “war medicine” that you had implicitly ordered, the Marseille infectious disease specialist was content to treat all the patients, instead of giving some a placebo to demonstrate, according to administrative standards, the effectiveness of a remedy which, obviously, was flagrant. 

Only, on May 27, 2020, your Minister of Health banned it from being used to treat Covid. Because of its side effects in cardiac pathology, which doctors have known and know how to manage very well for seventy years? Or because this remedy was too old, too inexpensive, and shadow to pharmaceutical laboratories? Perhaps it was appropriate to leave the field open to the billions that the development of a new American drug, remdesivir, promised to bring back. 

So, by fraudulent studies like that ofLancet – withdrawn after the fact by the director of this great scientific journal, with his most flattering excuses -, we tried to make believe that hydroxychloroquine was dangerous and ineffective against the Covid-19 virus.

Today, large “randomized” meta-analyzes, such as those from Yale University ( Prof. Harvey Risch) or the California School of Medicine, have confirmed its effectiveness in the early stages of the disease. As for its non-toxicity, it is established under the dosage and duration conditions of the Raoult protocol. 

It is remdesivir, on the other hand, which now appears to have no therapeutic effect and may cause, in particular, severe renal insufficiency. Except that France had already bought 500,000 doses. So, on October 14, 2020, the Ministry of Health address to hospital staff on March. This is not a bonus in the form of a chocolate specialty, but a rapid health alert message: doctors are invited to dispose of the stock of remdesivir free of charge, that is to say to administer a drug. ineffective and dangerous, of which, specifies the circular, “the marketing authorization for the treatment of the Covid-19 disease will be interrupted by the National Medicines Safety Agency from October 23. 

This is the reason for the complaint for endangering the life of others filed in criminal proceedings by the PrRaoult against the ANSM, which had just refused him a temporary authorization to use hydroxychloroquine. In summary: France prohibits the use of an effective remedy without toxicity, and at the same time recommends administering the opposite knowingly.

The right to treat ourselves other than with paracetamol

This is serious, Mr President, and I suppose that social distancing has prevented these facts from being brought to your attention, otherwise you would have informed the country of them during your speech. And you would have finally brought good news: the reestablishment of the freedom for doctors to prescribe a drug which, from the first symptoms, makes it possible to decrease the viral load, to avoid contagion and the dramatic saturation of our hospitals. That is to say, in the long term, to be able to overcome this repeated confinement, which can only be justified by the lack of intensive care beds and the exhaustion of caregivers. 

This confinement which, as Gerd Müller, German Minister for Economic Cooperation has just hammered, will cause many more deaths by suicide, bankruptcy, psychological and social collapse than the viral contaminations it is supposed to prevent.

We await with hope and impatience, Mr. President, your next intervention which will not fail to grant us, finally, the right to treat ourselves other than with paracetamol (1). Otherwise, what should we conclude? That we will remain locked up until the summer, when you promised us the divine appearance of a miracle vaccine? All options, I guess: the mercury pack, nano-chip and integrated GPS.

Show us that you are still the man of renewal

When he heard you decree the general confinement order seven months ago, the homeless hero of my novel L’Inconnue of March 17 called you a “household robot” – an expression that the media hastened to highlight. Make my character lie, Mr. President. Prove that the conspirators are wrong to believe that you are being manipulated by industrial, pharmaceutical and other powers, which would make you a mixer of anxiety-provoking diktats in the service of their interests. Prove to them that a president worthy of the name is above the lobbies, as he is supposed to be above the parties. Dispel, if necessary, the nasty suspicions of conflicts of interest that weigh on some of your scientific advisers.  Difficult to see clearly, in these clashes of doctors who crumple the caduceus at length of talk-shows … Shed light, Mr. President. Or blow the fuses, as Elysée tenants usually do. In any case, in our interest as in yours, radically change your strategy in the face of the enemy. Didn’t your scientific council tell you that fear and stress, there is nothing like it to weaken the immune defenses that protect us from viral attacks?

Come on, Mr. President, you who are accused of governing now as an absolute monarch, faced with a Parliament emptied by sanitary gauges, show us that you are still the man of renewal, of challenge on the move and daring solutions, the man we once voted for. On the strength of your Jupiterian virtues, strive to strike down not the people, but the financial powers which dare to enrich themselves by the consequences of a lucrative pandemic. We believed in you, so strong. We do not want you to leave in History the unfair image that so many crushed French people, misled by distress and revolt, already glue to you: that of Marshal Pétain subjected to the invader Big Pharma. Inspire yourself instead, for good, of this hero of Free France whose Gaullian pose you took on the day you declared war on the virus. 

Be the one who will deliver France from the yoke of deadly fear, repressive powerlessness, murderous fatalism – in short, health dictatorship. It’s still time. Otherwise, others will do it for you.

Please believe, Mr. President of the Republic, in the expression of my still strong consideration.* Didier van Cauwelaert is a writer, playwright and director. He received the Goncourt Prize in 1994 for One way ticket .

(1) Recommended by our Ministry of Health, but to which Vigibase, the WHO global database on drug safety, attributes 148,000 incidents in fifty-two years, against only 23,000 to hydroxychloroquine.

(2) Christian Perronne, “Was there a mistake they didn’t make? “(Albin Michel)

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