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Men and Women of Australia

I feel duty bound to bring the following to your attention.

Revelations that two Australians were ill following administration of the COVID vaccine were disturbing and it’s difficult to understand how there could be overdoses administered by registered practitioners.

While I strongly support the use of vaccines that have approval for general use such as measles and other diseases, I am very concerned by the emergency use of this vaccine on the general population.

My understanding is that emergency use of a medicine is only authorised if the person receiving the treatment is in immediate danger of dying. This is not the case with millions of Australians who are not ill.

The simple fact is that we don’t have one-year safety data, three-year safety data or five-year safety data for the use of the COVID-19 vaccine on humans or animals.

I do not understand why it is that millions of Australians should be subject to a medical treatment that has not complied with normal practices under Australian Law.

The Governments around Australia have done a great job in protecting all Australians from COVID-19 and for healthy Australians to receive an emergency treatment is, as I understand it, unprecedented.

I don’t understand why Australians need to rush or take risks with their health.

And I don’t understand why the Australian Government has granted the pharmaceutical companies an indemnity should their COVID-19 vaccines cause illness or death.

It would appear that these pharmaceutical companies lack the confidence in their products, that makes them ask for such an indemnity.

We need to maintain the very high standards Australia has set for itself in the approvals of vaccines.

God bless Australia,

Clive Palmer

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