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Mayor of Primavera do Leste (235 km from Cuiabá), Leonardo Bortolin revealed in an interview to Conexão Poder that he took hydroxychloroquine, along with other drugs, to cure covid-19 and criticized the campaign so that those who have mild symptoms stay at home, without seeking medical attention. The manager opposed this guidance, which occurred at the national level and started to distribute the so-called covid kit to patients who have flu syndrome, even if the result of the rapid test is negative.

Currently Primavera do Leste ‘exhibits’ the 83.88% cured rate of reported coronavirus cases. Even though it is one of the 10 cities with the highest number of cases in the state, the municipality had 36 deaths by covid-19.

“It was very wrong in relation to covid, it’s more like if you have symptoms, stay at home and look for a health unit only if you have a respiratory problem,” said the mayor, who recalled that respiratory problems are already manifesting in the second phase of the disease and the initial treatment has no more effect, which worsens the condition of patients.

The manager also criticized the interference in the decision of the mayors on the functioning of commerce, and pointed out the lack of effective results in cities that adopted the mandatory quarantine to stop the advance of the pandemic.


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