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You can stop wondering why it gets attacked. Here the answer!!

What happens is all these RNA viruses, especially airborne RNA viruses they replicate. So what happens is, that if you get hydroxychloroquine on board, or chloroquine for that matter, you’re going to make attenuated viral particles. That get through eventually into the cell, although the hydroxychloroquine blocks, it will get into the cell. At that point, the viruses are stunted in their growth; they can’t really make good particles. What this means is, a person who takes hydroxychloroquine chronically will have basically, a vaccine-like effect. They’ll make some particles, they’ll have maybe mild or no disease, there’s a good chance they’ll develop immunity, so it’s almost vaccine-like in its effect.

And what does this do to the drug industry? It means that we don’t need a flu vaccine, we don’t need a Covid vaccine, we don’t need Tamiflu, we don’t need a lot of stuff, so if anybody wants to know WHY, this is the why. This drug kills an industry better than it kills a virus.


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How hydroxychloroquine works at the cellular level update: Now 88 international studies (51 peer reviewed) show positive hydroxychloroquine treatment outcomes

Belgium Study: Low-dose Hydroxychloroquine Therapy and Mortality (Lowered) in Hospitalized Patients with COVID-19: A Nationwide Observational Study of 8075 Participants

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