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TrialSite’s founder Daniel O’Connor was able to briefly catch up with Ralph Lorigo, prominent advocate for patient’s rights and successful New York State attorney and partner of the Law Office of Ralph Lorigo. TrialSite has showcased a number of his recent legal victories targeting hospitals that refuse to give patients and their doctors requesting ivermectin to treat COVID-19. 

Lorigo has become a sort of national figure, leading the charge in representing patients and their families in the quest to access ivermectin. The dynamic attorney and conservative party representative believes that the drug has clearly demonstrated benefits with over 50 clinical trials. TrialSite has received several requests to invite Mr. Lorigo on to the TrialSite Podcast show, which he has agreed to accommodate out of his busy schedule. 

Lorigo’s ivermectin-based case load continues to grow as the word gets out about his notable legal prowess and importantly, his results. His command of the law, American constitutional rights and the unfolding dynamics involving COVID-19, including the suppression of information involving potential treatments, makes him an important figure in America today.

Conviction & Advocacy for Patients’ Rights

The Law Office of Ralph Lorigo now takes on more cases as the word gets out that this drug, approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for other indications, appears to work off-label targeting COVID-19.

Although the FDA has issued cautionary statements, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the new year took a more neutral stance to the drug, changing their recommendation from recommending only for research to neutral, to recommending for or against.  

Mr. Lorigo told O’Connor that his firm is receiving ever more inquiries and cases where family members have loved ones in the hospital and they seek to access the drug off label.

 Lorigo shared with TrialSite that once doctors learn of all of the studies around the world, and start doing their own homework, they become more open-minded, factoring in the risk-reward analysis. 

Especially if elderly high risk patients present advanced COVID-19, Lorigo has personally seen the drug potentially contribute to saving the lives of clients.

Interestingly, the attorney reports that it would appear that hospital administrations are the most recalcitrant to the idea, even if the patients and the ICU doctor are in support. 

It’s as if the COVID-19 wings of all hospitals are completely opposed to any suggestion of this particular medication. In the age of COVID-19, the COVID-19 wing is sort of a “federalized” operation.

Now his practice is expanding as cases as far away as Arkansas call the law Office of Ralph Lorigo.  A New York State native, Lorigo is now in his early 70s but looks decades younger and works tirelessly on multiple causes from the ongoing management of his law firm and the growing number of intense, contentious COVID-19 patient cases to his representation in politics as the Erie County Conservative chairman and state vice chairman. 

Involved in standing for and representing patriotic American values for many decades, his concern for constitutional freedoms and all people is clearly palpable. Lorigo and O’Connor discussed joint concerns for deep-rooted American legal values that appear under risk of late.

On the recent Swanson case reported on by TrialSite, Lorigo reported the good news that he was able to secure visitation for wife Sandra—a great win! Now he must combat the hospital to follow through on the requirement that they share all medical information with the family.

They’ve resisted the court ruling on that point thus far. On drugs, power and politics, Lorigo, definitely one to embrace free markets and the importance of business, shares that unfortunately big drug companies profits could be challenged by such a cheap drug like ivermectin. The drug literally can cost under one dollar per pill. 

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