Day: March 3, 2021

The Chloroquine Wars Part II

On face, it certainly appears that complete silence in the public sphere about hydroxychloroquine’s potential was coordinated by powerful media forces.

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The Chloroquine Wars: Part I

A famous infectious diseases specialist from France, Dr. Didier Raoult, devised treatments for the bacterial infections that cause Q fever and Whipple’s disease. If all that weren’t enough, hydroxychloroquine has anti-thrombotic properties, meaning it reduces blood clotting for patients suffering excessive clotting. It even inhibits autophagy (cellular self-destruction) setting up hydroxychloroquine for research as a unique cancer medication. No other medicine discovered, isolated, or engineered does all of these things. Most importantly during the recent pandemic, hydroxychloroquine, like quinine, also demonstrates antiviral activity. In short, hydroxychloroquine is a gift from nature—one of the most broadly effective and repurposed drugs in the history of medicine. Billions of doses of hydroxychloroquine are distributed annually, and the WHO includes it in its list of essential medicines.

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