Source: Blue Stem Prairie Author: Sally Jo Sorensen


While the Minnesota House Health Finance & Policy Committee heard Minneapolis Sydney Jordan’s bull, state representative Glenn Gruenhagen shared a personal story:

..My wife and I had COVID back in November. I was over it in about 48 hours, like a 48 hour flu, but my wife got very sick. She went to the doctor, they gave her prednisone and sent her home. Well, she took the prednisone for three or four days and it did seem to help some and once it was gone, the COVID got worse. In fact, it got to the point where she had a hard time breathing. 

Yet we didn’t see–they didn’t want to admit her to the hospital, so she went online to some doctors who–and explained her circumstances, [doctors] who prescribed her hydroxychloroquine and cpak, ok? We picked it up the next day at the local drugstore. She started taking that. Three-four days later she was better. This was where she was at where she had a hard time breathing, alright?

So my question to the testifiers is, …wouldn’t it make sense to give our most vulnerable population, where we have seventy percent of the deaths, preventative medication, like hydroxychloroquine and certain vitamins that were also recommended by these doctors, there’s –you can find them on the internet, there’s several medical experts that say, prevention for the most vulnerable should be done. You shouldn’t wait until you get sick to the point where you have to be hospitalized.

And yet that —it isn’t just my wife, I’ve had–and I’m a layperson, not a doctor, okay–but I’ve had several of my clients in my insurance industry tell me the same thing. Little was done until they had to be hospitalized. Why don’t we practice prevention?

Hydroxychloroquine can be sold over the counter without a prescription in Africa for malaria. It’s been around for over fifty years. So I’d like you to respond to that, one of the testifiers…

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