Source: Terra Brasil Notícias

“We were able to practically zero the number of hospitalizations after early treatment … we managed to absurdly decrease the number of patients in our units …” 

Below are excerpts from the testimony of infectious disease physician Vânia Brilhante, coordinator of the Unimed Belém Supply Center, who saw the health system in the state of Pará virtually collapse.

“Our units have a service capacity of up to 1500 patients / day… in atypical times (seasonality) our service reaches 2400 patients / day… during the collapse (Covid), that number was absurd… light and moderate patients could not be served, which ended up collapsing our system ”

“I saw patients dying in chairs… I saw a patient arriving dead in the car with his family… 

“My units were all full, my ICUs and wards were all full … I didn’t even have chairs to sit on …”

What was done? chloroquine / hydroxychloroquine + azithromycin

“On the 8th of May, we opened our polyclinic and on the 11th we opened Casa de Plácido, which was our drive-thru” 

“From there, we had an abrupt drop in our curve… we did more than 50,000 treatments… after we started the treatment early, we had no more than 5% hospitalization”

“Since the second week of May, we are relaxed, now trying to help other states with our experience”

“We made the bet in phase 1, which is the most important … we also had an absurd improvement when we started to apply this protocol in the public network …”



Coronavirus and hydroxychloroquine. A cure that works, but that is not authorized …

Piedmont gives the green light to hydroxychloroquine

Ruling gives green light for controversial COVID-19 therapy

Council of State: yes to the use of hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of Covid:

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