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A little bit of breaking news, hydroxychloroquine, you may have heard of, quite a bit of mention about it and the U.S. President who has talked about it often enough. And the UK regulator we are hearing via one of the news agencies has given the green light to a clinical trial of hydroxychloroquine to prevent COVID-19 and in health care workers. There is of course a global study already ongoing and that will immediately resume the enrollment of workers in places like hospitals, other front line health care facilities after getting approval from the U.K. medicines agency, we will have more on that just as we get it, when we get it.

From SkyNews.


Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro tests positive for COVID-19: Treated with hydroxychloroquine


Hydroxychloroquine: The Drug Costa Rica Uses Successfully To Fight Covid-19

Political Opinion: Andrew Marr, Professor Peter Horby, Mark Zuckerberg and an internationalist agenda

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Buried in the note is the real reason for making ivermectin inaccessible – the fear that persons taking it ‘may elect not to be vaccinated as part of the national Covid-19 vaccination program’. This is outrageous. When someone is infected with Covid, it is too late to bother with vaccination. They need early treatment. To deny it to coerce them into accepting a vaccine, one of whose side-effects is death, is immoral.

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