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It’s not my style to point to the explanations of others without doing my own thinking, but there are times when that makes the most economical sense.

The primary purpose of this post is to talk you into watching Dr. Pierre Kory explain both the case that ivermectin (IVM) effectively prevents or treats COVID-19, and also how and why that information is withheld by public health officials. He said nothing at all I have reason to disagree with, but what he says is sharp and will shock some people.

It is also certainly the case that, after reading thousands of pages of evidence, talking to hundreds of doctors, researchers, and other smart people about hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), I know far more about the HCQ story during the pandemic. So, I write more about HCQ. But I am not partisan regarding what medical treatment works the best in fighting COVID-19.

And having spent time with raw data of a multidrug protocol that used both HCQ and IVM, I feel most connected to the idea that doctors should be encouraged to use these and other medicines as they see fit, and in particular early during disease progression.

That said, it is most important to understand how health officials are treating each drug. The two stories together are more than enough to push me over the point of a perspective that assumes good faith. It is crucially important that these stories are well understood by as many people as possible because there is a need to identify the kunlangeta, and perhaps find the best way to take the initiative prior to what seems to be shaping up to be a far larger friction in world events than I think most people recognize at this stage.

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