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RUSH: I’m old enough to remember when hydroxychloroquine was a kook theory from a kook president. Now all of a sudden it is amazing the things that are happening after an election where this kook, this so-called kook, Donald Trump, has lost, allegedly lost. Now all of a sudden the AMA said — although very quietly — that hydroxychloroquine is okay. It’s perfectly fine. Go ahead and use it if you want. It can be helpful.

How many people do you think — we’ll never know — how people do you think died needlessly because they were sent home to ride it out or were afraid to go to the doctor or were afraid to take hydroxychloroquine because of what they were hearing about it in the Drive-By Media?

Now, if you doubt the corruption in the numbers of COVID cases, consider that the AMA, the American Medical Association, lied to us about using hydroxychloroquine. Here’s the headline. “AMA Rescinds Previous Statement Against Prescription of Hydroxychloroquine to COVID-19 Patients. The AMA, in a surprising move, has officially rescinded -” for those of you in Rio Linda, that means they’ve taken it back “–a previous statement against the use of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) in the treatment of COVID-19 patients, giving physicians the okay to return to utilizing the medication at their discretion.”

Wait a minute. I remember when we were told that this stuff could kill you. Do you remember, in fact, when Trump talked about hydroxychloroquine during… oh, was it when he had it? When he had COVID-19 or was it before? Might have been before. Who was it that was on television that went nuts, saying, “Mr. President, you’re killing people, you’re killing people, you’re asking people to die.” Who was it? It was some prominent cable news person that accused Trump of killing people by suggesting that hydroxychloroquine was okay to use. I can’t remember who it was, but it’ll come to me.

But now it’s perfectly fine. You see, “Previously, the AMA had issued a statement in March that was highly critical of HCQ in regards to its use as a proposed treatment by some physicians in the early stages of COVID-19. In addition to discouraging doctors from ordering the medication in bulk,” they suggested that there was no reason to prescribe it, that it could kill, that it could seriously damage. And now that Trump is gone, they think, now that Trump is finished, oh, guess what? Hydroxychloroquine is perfectly fine to use.


RUSH: We found the audio.

This is Neil Cavuto. This is back in May. May 19th, 2020.

CAVUTO: A VA study showed that among a population of uhhh veterans in a hospital receiving this treatment, those with vulnerable conditions, respiratory conditions, heart ailments, they died. It will kill you! I cannot stress enough: This will kill you.

RUSH: Trump took hydroxychloroquine. That’s what prompted Neil Cavuto to tell people, “Don’t do it! It’ll kill you! It’s gonna kill you.” Now, the AMA, the reason we’re making a deal out of this, the AMA has rescinded all of this. The AMA has rescinded every critical thing they ever said about hydroxychloroquine. Do you realize how much money we could have saved? Do you realize how many lives could have been saved if this drug would have been free to be prescribed?

It’s a moot point now.


RUSH: Let me ask you a question. How much did it hurt Trump that the American Medical Association was literally lying about hydroxychloroquine? Trump comes out and advocates it. “You’re killing people! You’re going to kill people. Hydroxychloroquine is a killer! You’re irresponsible!” How much of that do you think cost Trump some votes?

In other words, the AMA knowingly lying about hydroxychloroquine, could you say that it’s another form of election meddling? I mean, how many people didn’t vote for Trump because of what they thought hydroxychloroquine would do based on what he said?

How many people bought into the idea that hydroxychloroquine could kill you and Trump is advocating that you take it? And there are countless other examples of this kind of distortion of things that Trump has said. But now all of a sudden, guess what? They’re perfectly fine. Everything’s okay.

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