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Macron and the government have decided to extend the “state of health emergency” until June 1.

This means that cafes, restaurants and a number of businesses will remain closed.

This means that the six in the evening curfew will last, and that the population will continue to live in an authoritarian regime.

It will lead to even more poverty and unemployment. This will accelerate the ruin of the country.

It is all the more unbearable since, as I have already explained, the “state of health emergency” is absolutely useless and will not allow more today than yesterday to reduce the disease, well in the past. opposite.

No life will be saved. Lives, on the other hand, will continue to be sacrificed.

The Macron presidency was already a disaster for the country before the pandemic. It has now reached the level of absolute catastrophe.

Rarely have we seen such an accumulation of incompetence, arrogance and monstrosity.

There is in what is happening a dimension of headlong flight: changing policy would be for Macron and for his government to recognize that they were wrong and behaved in a criminal manner. So they continue.

Giving freedom to the population would mean taking the risk of seeing desperation and anger explode, which could lead to a larger and more intense uprising than that of the yellow vests. So they do not give back any freedom, or even just that available to the inhabitants of the countries of Central Europe subjected to the communist dictatorship, before the fall of the Soviet empire.

At this point, Macron and the government could consider, who knows, following the same line until spring 2022, and even until the elections. Maybe they are thinking about it.

It is all the more filthy since not only the “state of health emergency” is absolutely useless and will not make it possible more today than yesterday to reduce the disease, but that the intensity of disease itself does not exist. It has never reached the level of seriousness attributed to it – which will, I hope, one day become clear, when it is possible to come back to the facts and separate them from the propaganda.

Even though there are deaths among people under the age of 75, they represent a small proportion of the total number of deaths, which itself does not distinguish the deaths from Covid from those who died of something else but affected by the Covid.

I must, in addition, underline it again: the recourse to the treatment with hydroxychloroquine advocated by Professor Raoult would have made it possible to greatly reduce the number of deaths and to avoid the appalling present situation.

Preference was given to unnecessary treatments (doliprane), to no treatment, to Remdesivir, a product with dangerous side effects, and to Rivotril for euthanasia in nursing homes.

Vaccines today are distributed with absolutely remarkable inefficiency.

During the Hol-lande Presidency, I wrote that it would be difficult to find worse, and I must have realized very quickly that I was wrong.

I understood from the election campaign in 2017 that Macron would be much worse.

I never imagined it could be worse to this degree.

I can not help but think often of the diagnosis made remotely by an Italian psychiatrist in March-April 2017, and the assertion inherent in this diagnosis: Macron is an arrogant psychopath, totally indifferent to the suffering of others, and who may even take pleasure in inflicting pain.

Macron was the right man to break France down, and the masters of the world installed him in power for that.

The pandemic accelerated the destruction.

Incompetence is perhaps only the mask behind which lurks an arrogance and a monstrosity even more intense than one imagines.

France is collapsing in the midst of a Europe which is also collapsing, and in which submission to a global nomenklatura is being prepared.

Some countries in the western world are collapsing a little slower, but all are affected.

Will a surge come? For now, in any case, I don’t see it coming.

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