Source: The Daily Beast, by Justin Baragona


Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani on Wednesday revealed that he is currently taking ineffective coronavirus therapeutic hydroxychloroquine in an effort to fend off a possible COVID-19 infection after a slew of Trumpworld figures Giuliani had contact with have fallen ill.

Appearing on Bloomberg TV, the Trump attorney was asked about his recent Fox News interview that featured him heavily coughing as he announced he was waiting on his coronavirus test result. The ex-mayor brushed off the coughing fit as just “clearing my throat” before adding that he has tested negative. “I am not that nervous about it,” Giuliani declared. “I know if it does happen, I know what to take. My doctor has provided hydroxychloroquine, which I’m taking every day.”

After the hosts expressed shock that he was taking the anti-malarial drug that multiple studies have found has little-to-no benefit in preventing or treating coronavirus, Giuliani boasted that his “genius” doctor has treated thousands of COVID-19 patients with the medication and only lost two. While not naming him, it appears Giuliani was referring to Vladimir Zelenko, who previously presented his treatment to the White House and has been interviewed and promoted by Giuliani several times.


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