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“I am 80, but I have defeated coronavirus. Don’t worry, you can also defeat the virus…,” said the octogenarian as he walked out of the civic-run Yeshwantrao Chavan Memorial Hospital on Saturday afternoon.

Thanking the doctors for saving his life, the 80-year-old resident of Tadiwala Road in Pune city said, “One should not fear coronavirus, we should put up a fight against it and if we do so, we can certainly recover…. like I did. I would like to thank the entire team of YCMH doctors for helping me recover”.

The elderly man was admitted to YCM Hospital 15 days ago. “He was gasping for breath. Without waiting for his report, we put him on oxygen. Next day, his test result confirmed Covid-19,” said Professor Pravin Soni, head, department of medicine, YCMH.

Doctors said the patient had two patches of pneumonia, and was finding it difficult to breathe. After being put on oxygen, he slipped into a state of semi-coma. “He was drowsy, disoriented and we couldn’t communicate with him,” said Soni, adding, “For the next 8-10 days, he remained in critical condition.”

Doctors at YCMH said they then adopted new treatment guidelines issued by the government recently. “The treatment included combination of blood-thinning injections called low molecular-weight heparin and HCQ or hydroxychloroquine tablets ,” said Soni.

Soni said the new treatment was effective. “While the guidelines were issued recently, we have been trying to use the combination from the beginning, which has helped in the recovery of a large number of patients,” he said.

After about 10 days, the patient regained full consciousness and was able to communicate with doctors and the medical staff.

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