Source: Covid Medical Network Presented by: Dr Eamonn Mathieson and Ben Bornstein

EARLY COVID TREATMENTS: Guest Speaker with the Covid Medial Network – Dr Ananda Prasad

New Covid Medical Network Webinar – “the absurd omission of Zinc” – Our interview with the Guru of Zinc

A few days ago the Covid Medical Network were honoured with the opportunity to interview Professor Ananda Prasad – who I think of as The Guru of Zinc.

At 92, Dr Prasad is still pursuing research and has had a clinical trial for the early-stage treatment using Zinc and HCQ kept in a holding pattern since April by the FDA who refuse to allow him to continue using HCQ; oddly so many other clinical trials have been “allowed” to proceed with what could only be considered the absurd omission of Zinc (after reviewing this video).

With a career spanning over six decades and drawing upon his knowledge of papers he was read that date as far back as 1869, Dr Prasad uses common sense and keen ON THE FRONT LINE observations to unlock the antiviral opportunities that present themselves with the right delivery of Zinc.

At 92, some 58 years after he first wrote his paper suggesting the role Zinc might play in CELL MEDIATED IMMUNITY, Dr Prasad and his wife caught Covid19 and successfully applied the principles of his theory with the Zinc Ionophore he sought out to ensure its success; HCQ.

Knowing that the theory and observations date so far back should provide significant confidence, well ahead of RCTs blocked or allowed, that Zinc and an effective delivery mechanism is a part of an early treatment protocol that ought to be available to all Doctors and their patients at their request.

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