Source: Times of India

Nagpur: Preventive measures taken by city police’s medical teams seemed to have worked better for them in comparison to their counterparts in Mumbai, Thane and Pune.

Out of 423 city cops tested for Covid-19, only two constables — one from Tehsil police station and another posted at control room — have been found positive.

They have been discharged and also got clearances to join duty. Eight others who tested positive were from State Reserve Police Force (SRPF).

The city police, having manpower of around 8,600 personnel, distributed hydroxychloroquine to around 8,000 cops. Apart from this, two different doses of homeopathic immunity boosters, Arcenic Album 30 and Camphora 1M, were given to these 8,000 cops.

Additional doses of Vitamin C tablets were also provided to the 8,000 personnel. Almost same number were also provided ORS pouch to help them cope with the scorching temperature in summer.
For the first time, CP chief BK Upadhyay allowed the chief medical officer (CMO) of the police hospital to disseminate information regarding Covid-19 through wireless.

Dr Sandeep Shinde, CMO of police hospital, issued various directions from time-to-time through the control room officer (CRO) who would broadcast it on wireless sets for cops deployed on roads, including those at containment zones.

Shinde said that the police chief had immediately ordered to start ‘Fever clinic’ at police stations which are managing containment zones followed by other security measures. “Two medical teams visited police stations for thermal screening, checked oxygen level and also distributed repeat doses of immunity boosters. The doctors also went to nakabandi points, including at containment zones, to check the police personnel on the roads,” said Dr Shinde.

Officers of DCP level got 16 infrared thermometers and those of ACP rank were given 37 pulse oxymeters for checking oxygen level. Around 3,000 PPE kits were distributed among cops deployed in high risk zones and hospitals.

In addition, a 16-bedded isolation ward was created at the police hospital at Takli for Covid-19 patients. The Indian Medical Association (IMA) too came forward to help police. Four private hospitals too have been roped in for providing Covid treatment to police.

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