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The Prime Minister has, sad to relate, his balls in a vice at the moment. But he has only himself to blame

Many of you will have spotted by now that we’re all being teed up to expect a “second wave” of Covid19 after the Summer. It’s important to try and understand why this is.

If one adopts the strategy of hiding from a virus – ie, lockdown – then a second wave is virtually self-fulfilling: if you don’t get it, you don’t get any immunity….that’s the deal.

So given the ridiculous overreaction to C19, the herd immunity is much lower than it would’ve been had we eschewed lockdown. Therefore, when the higher summer humidity and temperatures start to fade around September, there probably will be a second wave.

Hold that thought for a minute or two.

Yesterday, Andew Marr (former Trotskyite marketeer of Socialist Worker newspaper, and supporter of Jess Phillips for Labour leader) interviewed the virologist Professor Peter Horby, one of the key government advisers at NERVTAG. Horby quite rightly pointed out that there is no anti-viral vaccine for C19, but that “there are supportive medicines that can be used to manage patients struggling to recover”.

From then on, Horby completely misled his Sunday audience – without, of course, being in any way challenged by Red Andy. Blithely observing that there is “no evidence that hydroxychloroquine is a safe drug to administer to Coronavirus patients” (there are studies in China, South Korea, France and New York City that have all shown an 85+% reduction in death among tertiary C19 patients) he also completely ignored the use of HCQ ‘cocktails’ that reduce toxicity and show astonishing turnarounds in patient response to the virus.

In doing so, he was following the vaccinator script to the letter, while removing yet another opportunity for the Johnson Administration to reduce the deathrate among the elderly. This suited Marr down to the ground because he (like most of the Left) is passionate in his desire for BoJo to fail.

Equally, however, one can ask why Andrew Marr chose Professor Horby in particular. Peter Horby is the founder and former director of the Clinical Research Unit in Hanoi, North Vietnam. As in, communist Vietnam. As in, just about the nastiest Stalinist regime on the face of the Earth now that the DDR is no more.

The unit was established in early 2006. In 2014, Hornby established the Epidemic Research Group Oxford (ERGO). ERGO incorporates a number of international projects, and is European Commission funded.

Funny how Whitehall only ever wheels out “experts” at the diametrically opposite end of the political spectrum to the Borisonians, is it not? Not only has it emerged that Neil Ferguson is solid Left, his married ladyfriend is rock-hard Tribunite Left.

Within Oxford University, Horby is the Nuffield Department of Medicine Professor of epidemiology. Two weeks ago, his department announced an agreement with the UK-based global biopharmaceutical company AstraZeneca for the further development, large-scale manufacture and potential distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine candidate currently being trialled by the University.

In turn, it received a share of $14 million in funding from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is a limited liability company established and owned by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan, involving an investment of up to $1 billion in each of the next three years.

So I think we know where we are on this one. As usual, provenance explains everything.

I was in a minority among the unaligned on Twitter last night for expressing the view that Boris Johnson’s speech was replete with twaddle and third-rate attempts to explain away serious screw-ups in the handling of Covid19. I do have some sympathy with him, because the vast majority of these clangers involve pathetic follow-through by those who follow the ways of Sir Martin Bormann-Sedwill – that is, Whitehall. Further, it seems to me increasingly obvious that the game plan among both the bureaucrats and the Big Pharma backed boffins is to keep Johnson and his senior colleagues pinned in the corner they have created for them.

But my sympathies don’t stretch that far. There is a very simple solution to BoJo’s dilemma, and that involves doing three things:

  1. Importing as much hydroxychloroquine cocktail as we can lay our hands on (it’s out of copyright and thus cheap) and then distributing it among care homes and Covid Wards with all speed…..alongside a far stricter hygiene system than the one being currently employed.
  2. Lift the lockdown now in order to rescue what’s left of the economy, and accept the likelihood of a Second Wave for which we shall be far better prepared.
  3. Fire Sir Mark Sedwill.

Mr Johnson clearly isn’t going to do any of those things, because he is running scared of both Sedwill the Body Locator, and the Left plus the media accusing him of being a mass murderer.

So, thanks to the fascist Left, the fascist Remainers and the fascist power-grabbers in the Civil Service, far more people will die from Covid19 than is necessary – and far more damage will be done to the economy. But ultimately, the buck stops at Boris: he has a way of escape, but he lacks the balls to take it.

I predict that by next Spring at the latest, the Johnson government will be in serious trouble….and the lunatics will be clamouring for a National Government – advised at all times by the eternal Sir Mark Sedwill.

It makes one want to weep.


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