Source: La Republica Author: Wilson siancas

Servando García García assures that the antiparasitic reduces the symptoms of COVID-19. In addition, he emphasizes that he consumes the drug preventively and under medical prescription.

The consumption of ivermectin as an early treatment against COVID-19, was supported and promoted by the regional governor of Piura , Servando García Correa, despite the lack of scientific evidence that certifies the efficacy of the drug against the disease.

The regional authority said that the antiparasitic reduces the symptoms of COVID-19, and assured that it currently consumes it, and has obtained good results.

“The use of ivermectin serves to reduce symptoms always under medical prescription. We don’t have the vaccine, but we do have ivermectin. He took it in a preventive way and to this day I have not had any problems, “said the regional authority .

In that sense, it supported the decision of the Ministry of Health (Minsa) and EsSalud to include ivermectin again in the outpatient treatment kit for COVID-19 patients . Servando García ordered the promotion of the antiparasitic in the panels of the regional entity.


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