Source: Metro Libre Author: Reinelda Álvarez

More than 67,800 Protect yourself Panama Kit have been delivered to people positive for COVID-19 through the Unified Traceability Teams in the 15 regions of the country, confirmed the Ministry of Health to Metro Libre.

According to the coordinator of the Protect yourself Panama Kit, Elvia Lau there is only one kit, which contains “an oximeter, alcoholic gel, masks and medications: acetaminophen, antihistamine, ivermectin, enterogermina, vitamin C, multivitamins, hydroxychloroquine, zinc and finally has added 20 tablets of infant aspirin ”, drugs required for the treatment against the coronavirus, according to the Ministry. 

Dr. Israel Cedeño, Metropolitan Health Director, explained that the use of each medication contained in the kit: “Acetaminophen: control of fever and pain (head, throat, body); antihistamine: control of mucus and nasal congestion; Ivermerctin: antiparasitic with in vitro evidence of an inhibitory effect on the replication capacity of the virus; enterogermina: is a supplement for diarrhea; vitamin C, multivitamins and zinc are trace elements that have stimulatory effects on the immune system; Infant aspirin: (70-100mg) has an antiplatelet effect, prevents clots and thrombi and hydroxychloroquine: there is evidence that it inhibits the in vitro replication of the virus, an effect similar to that of ivermectin ”.

For his part, Dr. Leonardo Labrador, national chief of Epidemiology, also supported the use of ivermectin as an early treatment for Covid-19. 

“Studies put this drug as part of the drugs that help early treatment of the disease,” he noted.

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