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PORTLAND, Ore. (KATU) – A local veteran is celebrating two big milestones this week. Not only is he turning 104, but he’s also celebrating his recovery from coronavirus.

William Lapschies lives at the Edward C. Allworth Oregon Veterans’ Home in Lebanon. He was one of at least 15 residents to tested positive for the virus last month.

Two residents at the home have since died.

William, who was diagnosed with coronavirus at the beginning of March, was very sick and after eight days took a turn for the worse. His family says they thought he might not make it.

His family says that doctors tried a couple of things – including using hydroxychloroquine – a drug used to treat malaria. Now, they say he has made a ‘wonderful recovery’ and continues to get better every day.

They are hoping William’s story will bring hope to those who test positive for coronavirus or know someone who has.

“We’re hoping this goes out to all the people out there who are sick and have this problem, if Bill can survive this at 104, anybody can. Step up, you can do it,” said Jim Brown, William’s son-in-law.

They also want to praise the staff at the veterans home for showing so much love and compassion during these challenging times.

When asked how he feels on his 104th birthday, William responded, “Pretty good. I made it.”

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