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Infectious disease specialist Dr. Stephen Smith says 100k lives could have been saved had the ‘experts’ not dismissed it in this interview with Laura Ingraham:

And now, over a year later, we have that data that Dr Steven Smith promised.

In a new study, Smith and three other medical experts prove what he and this show have been telling you for more than a year that hydroxychloroquine can save lives. Smith’s landmark study followed 255 COVID patients who required intubation during the first two months of the pandemic, and it found that increased doses of coadministered, hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin were associated with a greater than 100% increase in survival.

Here now, Dr Steven Smith, founder, The Smith Center for Infectious Diseases in Urban Health. Dr Smith, why were so many people so quick to dismiss what you were seeing with your own eyes and your own experience early on?

There’s a lot of fear.

I mean, obviously, there was strange political reasons that I’ll never understand. Again, back to those comments. In fact, these doctors were in charge of deciding how much hydroxychloroquine to give for how long? The early reports of how much to give were very low. The early suggestions based off of pharmacokinetic studies very low, 24 milligrams over five days.

And I turned to our pharmacist, Steve Smoke at Saint Barnabas. And I said, I got people that are literally more than four times difference in weight, one or both group’s getting the wrong dose. And so I started reading it. And then, of course, Dr Al and colleagues came out with their regimen, which is still not a high dose. I always say higher dose because it’s not a high dose hydroxychloroquine. It’s 6,000 milligrams over 10 days.

That’s nothing compared to what any lupus patient or any mature arthritis patient takes, because the one that daily dose is not particularly high. But two, more importantly, the drug builds up for 200 days. So you’re taking four a day, which is, say, a lower dose.You pass 6,000 way by 20 days easily, and you keep going up higher…

But Dr Smith, I mean, people watching, they don’t understandthe dosage. I mean, that’s that’s very in the weeds, but it’s critical, obviously. But today, tonight, are you able to use hydroxychloroquine with any COVID patients that may still be coming in?

No, the hospital where we see patients – St Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston. I guess the system-wide thing. We have several hospitals they banned the use of hydroxychloroquine in December for an indication, meaning if you’re going to use it for covid. You can put anyone on hydroxychloroquine if you think they have lupus, that’s fine. Even if I decided I thought hydroxychloroquine can work just totreat migraines, I could use it for that, too. That was a unique ban in American medicine, where they banned a drug by indication.

Now, how many lives do you think could have been saved? If people had an open mind about hydroxychloroquine?

I struggle with that when I try really not to think about it. Our numbers are staggering. They are not our numbers to the cohort of 255 patients required ventilation intubation. Less than 20% are mine. Or ours, my team. So these results reflect the entire group, the whole hospital results.

Okay, well, we lost 500,000 patients. We lost over 500,000 Americans, 550,000 Americans.

I mean, are we talking we could have saved 10,000 lives.

No more than that.


Yeah, I hate to say things like that, but, Yes, I mean, I just try and look at the data. And the study was not really just hydroxychloroquine studied by any means. We looked at everything. We look at every medicine ever given, every lab value every vital sign. We looked at prior visits to doctors, but hydroxychloroquine kept coming up, it was a cumulative dose that was associated with outcome, not just whether you got some hydroxychloroquine like some of the studies.

This I mean, this is, I mean, outrageous doesn’t begin to describe this. Criminal. I don’t even think captures it. What has happened here.But, Dr. Smith, you have been consistent throughout. We just appreciate it so much.

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