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YEREVAN, MAY 27, ARMENPRESS. The Armenian Healthcare Ministry says the efficiency of the use of hydroxychloroquine for treating COVID-19 patients aren’t yet fully summed up, but stated:

“according to preliminary data positive dynamics are observed in a significant portion of patients”.

Armenian Healthcare Ministry

The healthcare ministry said the use of hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) is included in COVID-19 treatment guidelines of numerous countries – Spain, Italy, Belgium ,France, Switzerland, Russia and more than 26 clinical studies are underway in the world. “The 70 years of experience of applying hydroxychloroquine, including in rheumatology, shows that the drug has proven to have a good safety profile”, the ministry said.

It said that Armenia uses hydroxychloroquine for patients who are at higher risk and those who have developed pneumonia, including in severe cases. It is not administered in asymptomatic or mild cases. “hydroxychloroquine is used only in a hospital setting, if there are no contraindications”.

Patients who are given the drug undergo Electrocardiography every day. Patients with diabetes are especially monitored for glucose levels. It is cautiously administered to patients with kidney disease and the decision to do so is made during a medical consilium.

“Only one case of arrythmia was registered during the entire time of treating COVID-19 and the administration of the drug was immediately stopped,” it said, adding that according to preliminary information most of the patients who are given it show positive dynamics.

Editing and Translating by Stepan Kocharyan

China study of 568 critically ill Covid-19 patients: Hydroxychloroquine treatment significantly associated with a decreased mortality, through attenuation of inflammatory cytokine storm.

Health Co-operation between the Governments of Brazil and the United States

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