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Recently, a pilot randomized controlled trial led by a group of researchers in Lebanon, Qatar, and Iraq looked at ivermectin in asymptomatic COVID-19 cases. The study team, led by a team of investigators from a few different universities, randomized 100 COVID-19 confirmed patients into two groups, including 1) treatment group and 2) control arm.

The treatment group received a single dose of ivermectin along with supplements while the control arm received only supplements. These supplements included Zinc (30-50 mg/day) and Vitamin C (500 mg twice daily).  Ivermectin was dosed based on the following categories: body weights of 45-64 kg, 65 to 84 kg, or above 85 kg received (PO) 9 mg, 12 mg or 150 μg/kg body weight of ivermectin, respectively.

The team discovered that before the regimen was started (day 0), there was no significant difference between CT-values in the two groups, suggesting that subjects in both groups had similar viral loads. However, by the 72nd hour, after the regimen started, an increase in CT-values was much higher in the ivermectin group than in the control group.

The study team concluded that ivermectin appears to be efficacious in providing clinical benefits in a randomized treatment of asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 positive subjects, effectively resulting in fewer symptoms, lower viral load, and reduced hospital admissions.

This study was involved a few different universities, including:

  • Lebanese University, Beirut
  • Beirut Arab University
  • Lebanese International University
  • Rayak University Hospital
  • Ministry of Health, Beirut
  • Qatar University

Another Positive Look for Ivermectin

While this study was small and the authors acknowledge that larger clinical trials warranted an overall reduction in viral load, reduced symptoms as compared to the control group, and zero patients in the ivermectin group that became hospitalized (as compared to 3 in the control group), the results were overall impressive. This is especially the case as the study focused on early treatment and a majority of the patients in this cohort end up doing well without treatment.

Lead Research/Investigator

Ali H. Eid, Qatar University, QU Health, Doha

Houssam Raad, Lebanese University, Beirut, Faculty of Public Health

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