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In a press conference, the Minister of Health, Mario Kohan, informed that the drug will be used as a treatment against the disease.

In addition, it was reported that hyperimmune equine serum is already in Public Health deposits to be used in the same way.

The announcement and subsequent press conference were held in the Government House Agreement Hall.

The head of the Health portfolio was accompanied by the Undersecretary of Health, Gustavo Vera, and by the Director of Epidemiology, Ana Bertone.

Regarding the use of ivermectin, Kohan explained that it corresponds to “different strategies that the Ministry of Health is implementing as a public policy of the Government of La Pampa. The Province has developed the necessary protocols to put us in a position to be able to use Ivermectin as a drug. 

If there are no logistics problems for next Thursday (January 28) we will have the first ivermectin treatments in La Pampa. 

At first, 1500 treatments will be received, it is a starting pilot plan, with the CONICET research protocol and then whether to advance in the purchase ”, he indicated.

“This is a chemically pure medicine for human use, we are not naive and no one is aware that many people are using it, we do not know in what way, and they also resort to impure molecules. I am not saying it, it is enough to review the ANMAT resolutions, which specify that ivermectin for veterinary use is a completely different molecule from the molecule used for human use. That is why it is important to discourage the consumption of this type of drug, “he said.

Regarding the application of the drug at the national level, Kohan indicated that “ivermectin in Argentina is used in doses of 0.2 to 0.4 at the most per milligram per kilo of weight for the treatment of different parasitosis. 

The work that changed the outlook regarding this drug, as a possibility of being used as an antiviral treatment, arises from a study carried out in Australia, where it was demonstrated in an invitro (laboratory plate) that cells infected by the coronavirus, and using 0 , 6 milligrams per kilo of weight, inhibited viral development and disappeared in less than 48 hours. 

It is an invitro study, not on humans and therefore the biological or immunological conditions of a human being are not considered. According to an important Argentine study, with doses of 0.6 milligrams per kilo of weight for 5 days,

Hyperimmune equine serum.

Regarding the use of serum, Kohan indicated that “it is an Argentine design, it is a pride to say and know, in this it has been possible to obtain a concentration of polyclonal antibodies that have a great selectivity in a domain called RDB, where the virus enters in the cell of the infected human being and with the ability to block and prevent the entry of the Covid virus. 

This serum is not for everyone, like each of the drugs we mention, we have very short windows of time for the use of different strategies for each phase of the disease. 

The serum has efficacy applied in the first days of infection where there is a high viral load and where the antibodies can be very effective. 

There is no evidence of benefits in critically ill patients, just because there is no evidence does not mean that it is not useful.

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