A few days ago, Dr. Ciro Maguiña highlighted the positive effects of the use of ivermectin in his treatment against COVID-19.

In the framework of the second wave of COVID-19 , the Ministry of Health (Minsa) and EsSalud once again included Ivermectin  in the new kit for the outpatient treatment of patients with this disease, despite being withdrawn last year.

Through a document dated January 8, released by Canal N, it details the  new composition of the kit , along with paracetamol and masks, to treat vulnerable people in the initial stage.

The president of the Congress COVID commission,  Leonardo Inga, said that it is a controversial issue where there is no official scientific communication that demonstrates the effectiveness of Ivermectin; however, there are studies that reveal that it has been efficient.

For his part, the infectologist Eduardo Gotuzzo indicated that the use of ivermectin in the first stage of COVID-19 would help stop its advance.

“When a high-risk person begins to have covid, then ivermectin can be used two days maximum three days,” he said days ago.

As is public knowledge, the vice dean of the Medical College of Peru (CMP),  Ciro Maguiña , highlighted the positive effects of the use of ivermectin in his treatment against the coronavirus when he was admitted to the Edgardo Rebagliati Hospital because of this disease.

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