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Craig Kelly member of the Australian parliament was on SkyNews, one of the main Australian television channels this Sunday, September 27, 2020. He is a member of the Liberal group and Chairman of the Law Enforcement Committee in Parliament which takes a keen interest in the Covid-19.

He stated that:

“The Australian administration’s ban on COVID-19 treatment with hydroxychloroquine violates the Hippocratic Oath taken by doctors and which is based on a flawed study. ” 

Mr Kelly said health bureaucrats interfered with the doctor-patient relationship by banning the use of hydroxychloroquine even though the doctor believed the treatment would save the patient’s life .

“The health bureaucrats have violated the first principle of the Hippocratic Oath , which is to do no harm” (primum non nocere), he said.

In addition, the administration should only prohibit the use of hydroxychloroquine if the evidence shows beyond a reasonable doubt that on the one hand hydroxychloroquine does not work and on the other hand that it is dangerous.

“Recent studies show that this proposal is no longer viable … and they must lift their bans, otherwise they are involved in crimes against humanity and they should be brought to criminal justice in The Hague,” he said. -he declares.

“They are refusing to give Australians medical treatment when evidence shows it can save lives.” Mr Kelly also said the National COVID-19 Clinical Evidence Working Group, which made the authoritative decision and which bans hydroxychloroquine, was based on the results of the Recovery study conducted at the University of Oxford.

He argued that the study ultimately gave patients ” double the dose of what they know to be an overdose” and that the study director said the doses were based on the indication for “dysentery.” amoebic ‘.

Sky News host Rowan Dean said the study’s chief investigator made it clear that “amoebic dysentery is what they based their doses on, but we know that hydroxychloroquine is not. never used for amoebic dysentery “.

“Ultimately, the study was flawed,” he said. “The newspaper France Soir itself says that the Recovery study cannot be considered serious. And yet this is the study that all Australian medical advice has relied on, the vast majority of their decisions and evidence come from the Recovery study. ”

FranceSoir has denounced the Recovery study since June 5, 2020. This study also serves as a basis for decision-making by our decision-making bodies in the context of prophylactic treatment against Covid 19. From this moment we have requested an audit of the results of this study so that French health sovereignty is based on independent expertise by fully independent third parties.

Watch the interview here:


‘Criminal’ ban on hydroxychloroquine based on ‘faulty’ study

Italy Study 3,451 patients: Use of hydroxychloroquine in hospitalised COVID-19 patients is associated with reduced mortality: Findings from the observational multicentre Italian CORIST study

Belgium Study 8,075 patients: Low HCQ doses resulted in lower mortality in Covid patients

Australian MP Craig Kelly delivers powerful parliamentary speech on hydroxychloroquine

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