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The Citizen Collective analyzed the mortality figures in India following the COVID seroprevalence survey for the province of Delhi. The Collective then compared them against the French figures. The result is final. With a strategy based on early treatment which includes hydroxychloroquine, Delhi has half the mortality rate despite contamination five times higher than in France.

Some mainstream media [1] have relayed very interesting information about COVID contaminations in India: 56% of the population of Delhi has developed anti-body covid so all this portion of the population has been contaminated by SARS-COV- 2.

As usual, analysis of these particularly interesting figures is sadly lacking in these media. 
It is the duty of the Citizen Collective to fill this gap.

With such a rate of contamination, we are faced with a scenario of collective quasi-immunity managed with a broad prescription of early and prophylactic treatment based on hydroxychloroquine [2]. 

A mortality analysis is informative on the effectiveness of such a treatment strategy.

COVID-19 TREATMENT PROTOCOLS – Government of India Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Directorate General of Health Services

To carry out this work we are based on the site which feeds a reference site for global data namely:

From the statistics page reserved for the province of Delhi  : we distinguish the following elements:

– Population of Delhi province: 19,814,000

– Covid deaths in Delhi: 10,879

From the numbers above, we can calculate the following metrics: 

Contaminated population (Total population x 56%) = 11,095,840
Mortality per million inhabitants (Deaths x million / Population) = 549
Lethality (Deaths / Contaminated population) = 0.1% or 1 per thousand

In the light of these figures, we can draw several interesting conclusions:

With a contamination rate of 56%, mortality is 549 people per million inhabitants. Last December, the Institut Pasteur estimated the rate of the French population to be contaminated at 11.3% [1]. Mortality in France is 1200 [2] people per million inhabitants. 

The population of Delhi is five times more contaminated with mortality more than two times lower compared to France.

The case fatality rate with early treatment in Delhi, which is 0.1%, is close to the rate estimated by Professor Raoult in the case of early treatment.

In light of these findings, shouldn’t the French government fundamentally change the current health policy?

There are of course many other factors (demographic, environmental, economic, and social …) that come to qualify this spotlight. But we believe that this factor, if it does not explain everything on its own, is of major importance in the differences observed by this comparison and that therefore health policy in France should be focused on early treatment, instead of being focused on measures of deprivation and restriction of freedoms.

[1] .html
[3] -the-population-has-been-infected-in-each-region-of-france-9235455.php

Additional references: 
In India, the mystery of low mortality from coronavirus  (Euronews)
Coronavirus: How did India become the second nation with the highest number of cases?  (RTBF)

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