Source: Rounding The Earth Author: Mathew Crawford

Yesterday’s article on the shams that were the WHO trials covered numerous problems with those trials. One of those is a statistical argument that I’ve already had to walk several very smart people (genius level IQs) through the synthetic protocol separation to a point of clarity. But the other argument is simple: The SOLIDARITY and RECOVERY protocols look prima facie like staged sabotage.

I drew a picture (above) to make the point: The WHO could not have plausibly chosen a less optimal treatment protocol.

  • Time to Treatment
    • Optimal: ASAP (first 4 days best)
    • WHO: Median 9 days since symptom onset with at least 60% of patients on oxygen and up to 1-in-6 on ventilators.
  • Dosage
    • Optimal: 1.6g to 4g [for most patients who need it] according to nearly every doctor in the world actually using HCQ on COVID-19 patients.
    • WHO: 2.4g in the first 24 hours alone and 9.6g to 10.4g in total, despite their own observations that these are “potentially fatal” and “undoubtedly high” in dose.
  • Conjunctive Therapy
    • Optimal: Zinc, vitamins (C and D especially), macrolide (such as azithromycin), and whatever the patient needs according to their condition and profile.
    • WHO: We’ll strap them to a ventilator after they deteriorate.

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