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Finally the truth!

The Der Spiegel has just declared that if Germany has not experienced a massacre like France, it is because the general practitioners of the German Länders have massively treated their patients with hydroxychloroquine, in accordance with the protocol of Professor Didier Raoult.

And the Der Spiegel is not a rag like we see in the French press. It is a reputable investigative magazine and the most influential and widely read weekly in Germany.

Remember, while Professor Raoult was testing, isolating and treating his patients, the government decided to send the patients home, without care and with Doliprane for only treatment! Third-world medicine, when France supposedly had the best health system in the world.

🇫🇷Pr Raoult @IHU_Marseille
“To tell people don’t take care of yourself, stay at home! it’s not even a medieval strategy… even Hippocrates didn’t do that, a hot bath, something… but don’t stay home until you die… ”

– Asclepius (@medicalfollower) December 7, 2020

And Véran has found nothing better than to block the sale of chloroquine, which has been over-the-counter for 70 years, while prohibiting general practitioners from treating their patients.

A total violation of the Hippocratic Oath, which resulted in more than 60,000 deaths.

In France, all was only lies and betrayals, with a diabolical persecution of the doctors favorable to the treatment of Pr Raoult. We live in a health dictatorship worthy of North Korea.

When will the gulag for these doctors guilty of wanting to respect the Hippocratic oath?

All studies on hydroxychloroquine have been knowingly sabotaged, by not respecting Didier Raoult’s protocol, which recommends early treatment and precise dosing.

The height of ignominy was the study of the Lancet , a fraudulent work immediately dismantled by Professor Raoult, but praised by Olivier Véran, too happy to see his criminal policy supported by this team of thugs who have abused the entire scientific community.

And if Véran and his clique do not go back on this criminal decision, it is quite simply because any reversal of the jacket would mean that they are guilty of tens of thousands of deaths, which could have been saved by following the treatment protocol. of the IHU of Marseille.

France has failed in all areas, displaying in the eyes of the whole world such a generalized shortage that it was necessary to euthanize the elderly by removing them from the hospital circuit for lack of space.

It has three times fewer intensive care beds than Germany.

As for the test campaign, it was totally failed because of insane delays, making the tests unusable.

The free tests for people without symptoms have saturated all structures, the most anxious being tested several times without waiting for the previous results. A mess of 3 billion came to dig the hole of Social Security.

It was all a huge fiasco, but it is the prestigious whistleblowers, with an impressive scientific record, that we treat like outcasts and that the Council of the Order of Physicians intends to sanction.

Scapegoats, delivered as food to justice, to cover the turpitudes and serious mistakes of decision-makers in high places.

Judge instead:

Tens of millions of doses of hydroxychloroquine were administered in Germany from the start of the pandemic.

Hydroxychloroquine prohibited

 Casedeath% deathDEAD for 100,000 h
France552,42131 6755.7% 47.29
United Kingdom425 767 42,025 9.9%  63.21

Countries where Hydroxychloroquine has been used extensively

Casedeath% deathDEAD for 100,000 h
Germany283 7129 451  3.3%11.40
Russia1,131,08819 9731.8%13.82
Israel 217,8991,4120.6%15, 89
India5 818 57092,2901.6%6.82
Greece16 913369 2.2%3.44 

As they say, there is no photo.

But those who called Professor Raoult a charlatan are the same people who praised the merits of Remdesivir, when this drug is dangerous.

The same people who told us that masks were useless, to impose them on us today, the same who told us that massive tests were useless, but who today boast of practicing the most tests in Europe , the same people who lied to us about everything, would like their enthusiastic talk about the vaccine to be taken as the word of the Gospel.

But who is going to be vaccinated when “mister vaccine” himself, admits bluntly that we know nothing of the side effects of this vaccine, nothing of this new RNA method, nothing of its effectiveness, nothing of its period of protection, nothing on the contagiousness of vaccinated people.

In short, it is the most complete black.

And when we ask the elected officials who advertise this unknown and mysterious vaccine, to be vaccinated to set an example, they systematically shirk, invoking fallacious pretexts.

We are revisiting the classic speech of the warlords, with their usual formula, “Let’s arm ourselves and go”!

And let’s not forget that the laboratories, so sure of their miracle product, refuse to take any responsibility in the event of major problems . It will be up to the States to insure the damage.

The vaccine is safe, yes, but not to the point of assuming the risks of side effects, which will be discovered over the months and years.

The billions of immediate benefits, yes, the security of the populations, we will see later how it turns out.

This is to say the climate of absolute hypocrisy that currently reigns within Macronia and among the doctors of television sets, who spend more time in front of the cameras than with their patients. Some, moreover, have not seen a patient for ages.

The conclusion of all this is that the government will never admit its faults, so as not to plead guilty in court and take responsibility for the massacre.

In the meantime, there is no question of playing Russian roulette with an unknown vaccine.

With 0.05% risk of staying there in case of contamination, there is no question of playing guinea pigs.

With such a low death rate, why tempt the Devil?

Let’s wait for safer vaccines.

Jacques Guillemain


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