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Italy has been talked about a lot since the start of the Covid crisis in 2020 with first of all a significant mortality at the beginning of the year, followed at the end of the year by the decision of the Council of State to give following the request of doctors on early treatment at home including hydroxychloroquine , request made among others, by Dr Mangiagalli and Stramezzi .

Following a final publication by the group of doctors specialists of infectious diseases Piedmont, Dr. Garavelli and colleagues demonstrate the efficiency of hydroxychloroquine ( HCQ ) in the reduction of mortality in hospitalized patients. This study was published in the “  Journal of Clinical Medicine  ”.

In this debriefing, speaking in French, Dr. Garavelli looks back on the situation in his country as well as their study, thus taking the measure between the early treatment at home defended victoriously at the Italian Council of State, hospitalizations or intensive care Dr. Garavelli tells us that “ the treatment based on hydroxychloroquine is effective in the early phase of the disease at home or upon arrival at the hospital 

It also describes the antiviral but also immunomodulatory properties of HCQ. When the patient goes into intensive care, it is too late for this treatment because it is no longer the virus that has its effect but other pathologies take over.

He also reviews the dosage of hydroxychloroquine used (400mg for 7 or 14 days) and also refers to the overdose used in the Recovery (2400mg of HCQ in the first 24 hours) and Solidarity studies. It also discusses the use and efficacy of ivermectin as an antiviral and immuno- modulator.

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