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Two controversial coronavirus studies retracted after authors failed to show data was reliable.

“Lancet and the BMJ did not do its due diligence, did not do proper peer review process…. which I think they were possiby bought off, doesn’t matter, but whatever the case is, they published something which is not true, and the ramifications of the publications of falsehoods resulted in the mass murder of many, many people.” explained Dr Zelenko

“They published that hydroxychloroquine doesn’t work and it kills people” he continued.

The interviewer and Dr Zelenko were both persecuted when the fake study came out, and both had videos removed from Youtube and from social media.

“Youtube is a vehicle for the spread of misinformation or the prevention of preventing truthful information. There needs to be an investigation.”

“They are perpetuating false information, leading to the direct death of human beings around the world”


Surgisphere: mass audit of studies linked to firm behind anti-hydroxychloroquine Lancet study scandal

Turkey: Highest COVID-19 cases and lowest fatalities in middle east, broad use hydrochloroquine – Ministry of Health(Opens in a new browser tab)

Documentary: Perspectives on the Pandemic | The (Undercover) Epicenter Nurse | Episode Nine

After 13 ER visits, woman with COVID-19 needed to travel to Dallas for hydroxychloroquine treatments

Back in favour, HCQ could spur India’s Covid-19 diplomacy

Study – Clinical Efficacy of Chloroquine derivatives in COVID-19 Infection: Comparative meta-analysis between the Big data and the real world (19,270 patients – is effective)

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