A must watch clip of Dr Vladimir Zelenko.


Here are a few transcribed excerpts:

“The biggest crime thats going on now is that there are certain forces that think the American people are morons, that we can not differentiate what truth is and what lies are.”

Dr Vladimir Zelenko on media disinformation on hydroxychloroquine

“There are some very bad people, who are doing very bad things, let me explain. There are newer drugs that have been developed that are under patent, that cost thousands of dollars and these drugs are being pushed by the medical community and politicians, to be used.”

“The approach that I have developed that that reduced death and hospitalisations by 95%, that is confirmed by data from France and Brazil, and now from Turkey…. Yesterday they published their data, that there was a 96% decrease in hospitalisation. There is a big problem for these companies, that have invested billions of dollars because if my approach is scaled nationally and globally, that takes away around 95% of their market share.”

“Because the president of the United States came out in support, this became a politically hot issue.”

“There are forces that are suppressing the truth. there are forces that are trying to fool the public for profit and politics. The problem is, people are dying in the process. It’s a horrific crime, which is being perpetuated on the American public.”

“They gave it to patients who were half way in the other world already, they used toxic doses, it was very sneaky. They used it in a very narrow subset of very sick patients that have a huge mortality chance chance of dying, and when the drugs obviously failed – which I could have told them that, then they generalised and said “well it obviously can not work anywhere.”

Dr Vladimir Zelenko on VA hydroxychloroquine “study”

“then they generalised and said “well it obviously can not work anywhere.” Even for a 50 year old who has a fever on a cough and a fever in the doctors office, who are not yet on a respirator. These are very carefully orchestrated, and organised attempt to conceal the truth and intimidate those people that know the truth, and what to help humanity. “

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