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Board-certified emergency physician and Stanford University-educated attorney Simone Gold explains why she founded America’s Frontline Doctors. With the government imposing patient treatment protocols upon doctors, Dr Gold decided to take a stand against the massive disinformation campaign surrounding Covid-19.

“It is impossible to say that a drug with an extensively documented and strong safety record for 65 years is dangerous but a brand new medication is safe.”


TGA banned a functioning treatment & Australian doctors want answers – Urgent request for revocation of HCQ ban

Hydroxychloroquine factory on fire after explosion: Taiwan

Efficacy of early hydroxychloroquine treatment in preventing COVID-19 pneumonia aggravation; the experience from Shanghai, China

Professor Ananda Prasad at 92 years of age – putting together the pivotal antiviral role of zinc

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Professor Borody Talks about Early Treatment of COVID-19 – Part 1 – September 2020

We treat them for 10 days using an appropriate dose of ivermectin, doxycycline daily and zinc daily.

They all actually have activity against the intracellular multiplication of the virus and from published data you can read that most of the results have been close to 100 percent cure there was one that used the lower level and got 92 percent cure but it’s just hard to believe how simple it is to cure coronavirus.

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